Fish-The-Bayou Tournament

The 3rd Annual Fish The Bayou date has been set for Saturday, October 10, 2015. REGISTRATION is OPEN!

Fish The Bayou is a "Go-Anywhere” fishing tournament with weigh-in, live music, Cajun food, raffle and door prizes at the Larose Civic Center in Lower Lafourche Parish. Anglers may launch from ANY location within Louisiana state waters to catch their the Bayou Lafourche area is encouraged. All participants receive free food and a “Fish The Bayou” t-shirt at the weigh in. Food tickets will be sold for $7 a plate to non-fishermen attending the festivities. Jambalaya, white beans, shrimp fettuccini and dessert will be cooked by some of the Bayou’s most well known chefs.


Boat Division

  1. 3 Red Fish stringer (under 27”)
  2. 2 Speckled Trout stringer
  3. Heaviest Bull from 27"
  4. Trash Fish (heaviest fish, any species)
  5. 3 Bass stringer

Kayak Division

  1. 3 Red Fish stringer (under 27”)
  2. 2 Speckled Trout stringer
  3. Trash Fish (heaviest fish, any species)

Youth Division (Under 16)

  1. 1 Redfish (under 27")
  2. 1 Speckled Trout
  3. 1 Catfish (any species of catfish)

There will be a prize awarded to redfish with the most spots. This combines the Boat and Kayak divisions.

Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club
3 Redfish & 2 Speckled Trout (Cumulative weight of all 5 fish)
This is a separate category that everyone is invited to fish for an additional $25. Cash payouts will be awarded to top 5 anglers if there is more than 40 participants. Registration and additional rules available now from the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club.

EVENT RULES: These rules apply to the Fish The Bayou participants only. LKFC rules are on their website.

  1. ENTRY: $25 (+ $1 via PayPal) or $25 by ticket.
  2. REGISTER: Open to public until Midnight, October 9th
  3. LEGAL STRINGER: Heaviest Stringer is calculated by the total weight of up to a) 3 Redfish (16" to 27"), b) 2 Speckled Trout (12" min), c) 3 Bass (no length requirements)
  4. LKFC stringer will consist of the cumulative weight of no more than 3 Redfish (16" to 27") and 2 Speckled Trout (12" min).
  5. Kayak fishermen may also enter the Bass category, however they will compete in the Boat division
  6. LAUNCH BOUNDARIES: Louisiana state waters
  7. FISHING TIME BEGINS @ 12.01 AM Saturday, October 10th.
  8. SIGN-IN: Anglers must sign-in by 5 the Larose Civic Center, 307 East 5th Street, Larose, LA 70373. Arriving after 5:00= DQ. No exceptions.
  9. WEIGH-IN: Begins at 3:00 PM. No culling at the weigh table. Have your fish ready to weigh when called upon.
  10. Prizes will be awarded to top 3 in each category
  11. Mothershipping is NOT allowed!

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